Technical specifications ELIFT 350 use

  • AXOLIFT ELIFT 350 is the solution to the problems of working at height at low level altitudes. Just place the platform and go up. Problems with scaffolding are solved.


  • Ease of movement and use

    With ELIFT 350 it is no longer necessary to mount and dismount a tower scaffolding, for example. You just need to position the platform, step onto it, choose which is the best height suited to do your job using the movement joystick

  • Small weight and dimensions

    Superlative handling, non bulky, it also passes through doors

  • Productivity

    Short set-up times compared to traditional solutions

  • Multiple uses and applications

    Essential for many jobs like cleaning, painting, maintenance jobs of workplaces and/or machinery, shop-fitting, etc.

  • Maintenance-free

    Without power and battery, maintenance is virtually non-existent

  • Safe

    Operator is fully protected from the base.

elift 350


  • Max Working Height: 4.95 m
  • Max Platform Height: 2.95 m
  • Overall Width: 765 mm
  • Overall Length: 1215 mm
  • Stowed Height: 1765 mm
  • Platform Capacity SWL: 180 kg. (1 person + tools)
  • Raise/ Lower Time: 17 Sec.
  • Driving Speed lowered: 4 km/h
  • Driving Speed raised: 2 km/h
  • Battery Life: 8 hours of continuous work
  • Allowable Cant: 0°- Internal Use
  • Max. Wind Speed: 0km/h- Internal Use
  • Weight 380 kg


ELIFT 350 Flyer (English version)

Your safety is our priority. The AXOLIFT single-seat vertical platforms are the right solution for worker safety based on the new standards for height operations up to 5 meters.

All AXOLIFT products are zero emissions suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance in work environments such as factories, workshops, laboratories, offices and shops. General renewal operations such as cleaning, painting, setting up large rooms.

The AXOLIFT brand platforms are manufactured internally at the production site of Gromet Srl – owner of the brand – located in Italy.